Mission, Vision, & Belief Statements

District Mission
Inspire, Challenge, and Educate.

District Vision
The school community of Westville is a place where families choose to send their students. Staff members are empowered to teach and all students and staff are accepted and celebrated. Students are encouraged to become complex thinkers, caring individuals, and community contributors within a safe, well-maintained environment that is conducive to learning.

District Goals
Staff members are empowered to teach.
Students are encouraged to become caring individuals (plus staff).
Environment is safe.
Belief Statements
New Durham Township Schools believes:
Students achieve success in a variety of ways measured not only by their grades, but also their ability to merge into the world following graduation.
That supportive families have a positive impact on student achievement.
Children must be provided opportunities by the school and the community to reach their potential.
Student achievement is our top priority.
Student achievement increases when all stakeholders are invested in students’ college and career readiness.
A successful organization has personnel with a common vision and set of beliefs.
Westville personnel must interact, teach, mentor, motivate, and help prepare students for their futures.
Budget and finances reflect the priorities set by the district and school leadership to responsibly provide the maximum opportunities for students.
A healthy school culture helps students develop skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions.

New Durham Township Schools value:
A curriculum that is relevant, developmentally appropriate, engaging, hands-on, rigorous, challenging, and cross-curricular.
District cohesiveness
A student-first environment
A community that is engaged, supportive, and involved.
Student contributions to community
Community contributions to our school.
Positive, open, and honest communication between the school and community.
Facilities that are well-maintained, clean, safe, and conducive to learning.
Technology as a tool for enhancing learning, career readiness, communication, and organizational administration.