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Graduation Pathways
With the passage of Graduation Pathways, students are now able to individualize their graduation requirements to align to their postsecondary goal. No longer must all students fit into the same academic mold, but rather, they can choose the options that best meet their postsecondary needs and aspirations. Students can create pathways that serve their educational interests and prepares them for postsecondary educational and career opportunities.

In order to graduate, students must fulfill requirements in 3 areas:
1. A high school diploma: This can be the core 40, Technical Honors, or Academic Honors
2. Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills: This can include participation in a job, a sport, a club, or volunteer hours
3. Post Secondary-Ready Competencies: One of the following must be completed
-Honors Diploma
-ACT: Currently 18 in English, 22 in Reading, 22 in Math, and 23 in Science; students must meet at least 2 of the 4 score requirements, either the 18 in English or 22 in Reading AND either the 22 in Math or 23 in Science
-SAT: Currently 480 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and 530 in Math; students must meet the individual scores in each subject
-ASVAB: Earn at least a minimum AFQT score to qualify for placement into one of the branches of the US military The minimum score a student must earn is 31; individual branch scores are the following: Army is 31, Marines is 31, Navy is 35, Air Force is 36, and Coast Guard is 45
-Industry Certification
-CTE Concentrator: Must earn a C or higher in all concentrator courses
-Dual Credit/CLEP Exams: Must earn a C or higher in at least 3 courses 
-Locally Created Pathway